PS4 HDMI Replacement


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We remove the old HDMI port from your PS4 console and replace it with a new one.

If your HDMI Port looks and tests out ok the fault could be your HDMI Chip instead. We can replace the Panasonic MN86471A Chip for an extra cost if necessary. Sometimes the fault could be both the port and the chip, we are able to do both repairs if necessary for an additional cost.

90% of the time the repair is just the replacement of the HDMI port, please inspect the port for visual signs of damage, if the port is visually damaged then it is likely just the port that needs replacing.

We can also carry out rectification works where a failed attempt has already been made, this will usually be priced on a unit by unit basis and will be quoted for as such.

This price includes disassembly, removal and refitting of port and reassembly with testing.

This is done under the microscope to ensure a very high success rate.