Not Charging / Tristar Repair


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When an iPhone is not charging it is often caused by the Tristar Charge IC (U2, 1610A1, 1610A2, 1610A3, 1610A3B) on the board, this can develop a fault and require replacement.

Common signs that the Tristar IC may be at fault are that your phone does not charge, you change the charge port and battery and it still does not charge. This chip is easily destroyed due to unprotected voltage fluctuations common to the use of non-Apple chargers (especially car chargers).

The device will often power on with a new battery but still will refuse to charge, this happens approximately 80% of the time, the remainder of the time the phone will refuse to power on at all even with a new battery. Fake Charging, No charger detect, Inability to charge a dead battery, but can charge a partially charged battery, Very rapid battery drain, Heat at U2/Tristar IC chip. Auto power on at battery reconnect and Inability to restore due to dropped usb connection.

Once the Tristar IC has been replaced your phone will once again charge, you should dispose of any non genuine or damaged lightning cables as these may have been the cause of the failure and would blow the chip again if used.