iPhone Repair

The iPhone, released by Apple over 10 years ago now, they have become the most popular smart phone in the world, with so many devices around its no wonder some of them develop faults. Fortunately they are also one of the most understood and well researched pieces of electronics on the planet, this makes it much more economical for a micro electronic engineer to repair.

We offer two types of repair on iPhones, the first we class as "small parts", these are parts of the iPhone that can be swapped out and replaced with relative ease, think of a small part as a light bulk or a filter on your washing machine, they are a little more fiddly on an iPhone but can be done by many people and are often the types of repair carried out in local repair stores.

The second type of repair is "Microsoldering" or "Board Work" this type of work involves complex electronics and expensive equipment to diagnose and repair, it is a more specialist type of repair and not many people carry it out, this is the type of work that Bit Repairs specialises in.

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