iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Battery Replacement Service


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We replace the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus battery with a high quality replacement, this is the same type that we use in our retail store, we have used the same battery supplier for many years and can be assured of the quality.

The battery in your iPhone 7 & 7 Plus is designed for approximately 500-1000 charge cycles, it starts to age from the day you begin using it, once your battery gets to 75-80% battery quality we recommend replacing it to ensure your phone operates at optimum performance.

These batteries are fitted with the same manufacturer pull tabs that apple use to allow for safe release and replacement of batteries.

We are very careful with the exchange of parts inside the phone and ensure that every screw goes back where it belongs and that the dust seal is checked and replaced if necessary following your battery change.

iPhone 7 Part Number# : 616-00258 and 616-00255
Watt Hours : 7.45Wh
Voltage : 3.8V
Milliamp Hours : 1960 mAh

iPhone 7 Plus Part Number# : 616-00249 and 616-00250
Watt Hours : 11.1Wh
Voltage : 3.82V
Milliamp Hours : 2900 mAh