iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Audio IC Repair Service


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This service is to repair the Audio IC on an iPhone 7, if you want to know more details then please read on below.

If you own an iPhone 7 and it is out of warranty then the biggest worry you will have with your device is one called "Audio Disease". You probably won't have the worry if someone hasn't told you about the problem but once you have been made aware then its one that may come to haunt you.

The problem is related to the Audio IC chip on the logic board of the phone, the result of the failure is that the loudspeaker becomes greyed out on your device, this then prompts you to reboot your phone to resolve the issue, your phone then goes into a boot loop and eventually starts up 10 minutes later with the exact same problem.

You then go into Voice Memos and try to record some audio only to be told there are "No Audio Devices Found" (This is when you have updated your phone to iOS 12)

The problem is far more likely as your phone gets older and suffers small bends and drops, it is similar to the problem many users of the iPhone 6 Plus experienced called "Touch Disease" (I love the terminology people give these problems)

If you simply want your device fixing and don't really care about the problem then just get in touch with us on +44 01244 421 009 and we will fix the problem for you and return your device.

If however you want to know more details then please do read on.

Audio IC Disease or "Boot Loop" Disease as many are calling it is caused by a solder ball on the PCB coming loose from the board by repeated stress, the ball has the designation of C12 and is on the chip with designation U3500 or U3101, the chip is also called 338S00105 from the manufacturer.

The reason the phone takes so long too boot with this problem is that the failure of the connection causes a piece of software in the phone to wait, then keep waiting until finally it gives up and lets the phone continue to boot.

It is likely that the reason the phone continues to function with some audio is that the broken circuit is one of many that are responsible for audio functionality, Apple are notoriously secretive about the inner workings on their devices and we can only surmise about the reason for the failure.

What can you do if you have this problem?

Firstly, if your phone is still under warranty then you can just open a request with Apple and they will replace it for you, assuming the phone is still in original condition it will be covered.

If your phone is out of warranty we can repair the problem for you by reconnecting the faulty pad on the board and restoring the circuit. 

We do this using our in house developed technique that does not damage the baseband circuit, many places you send your phone to will heat the board up too much and damage the baseband circuit causing more problems than they should have solved, we do not apply heat to the board and have no chance of damaging the baseband circuit, we can guarantee this due to our own specialist technique that we have developed.