iPad Repair

iPad's often require repair after a drop, due to their weight they are easily damaged from impacts. Various repairs exist for each of the faults that can develop.

If the damage is internal and requires the screen to be removed we can very often get the screen off without damaging it and replace it again after the repair.

Internal problems can include battery, faulty buttons, headphone jack, speaker problems and WiFi problems.

In the event that the screen is damaged we can also remove it, clean up the chassis and fit a brand new replacment screen.
  • iPad Batteries are under great strain from the power demands of the device, they are designed for 1000 charges and should be replaced after this for optimum performance.
  • iPad's are known to have faults with the charge ports on several models, these are soldered to the board and can only be replaced with specialist equipment.
  • iPad screens can be smashed easily with pressure or drops. Depending on the damage we will replace either the digitiser the LCD or both.
  • Other non conventional iPad repairs are listed here, power button, volume buttons, cameras, these can all develop faults and are generally just a matter of replacing the faulty component inside the iPad.