Just follow these simple steps.

Simply place your order on this web site.

Pack up your phone safely and securely, follow the instructions below if you aren't sure how it is best done.

Post your device(s) to us for repair, simply use your preferred postage service, we recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery or Tracked

All repairs should be sent to:

Tech Edge (Bit Repairs - DIRECT ([[YOUR ORDER NUMBER]]) - Replace this bit with your order number.
12 Greenfield Road, Colwyn Bay
Conwy, LL29 8EL, United Kingdom

How should I package my device?

Your device should be packaged in bubble wrap or a bubble pouch. the bubble pouches that replacement LCD screens come in are ideal, you are looking to cushion the entire device and stop it bending.
Once your device is cushioned in a couple of bubble pouches then put them in a cardboard box, the boxes that the replacement screens come in are ideal for this. Try to keep the thickness below 2.5cm to keep the cost down.
If you are sending your device from abroad then we suggest you package your device in a foam padded box.
Alternatively, for international journeys you should find a box that is considerably bigger than the device and package it in the centre with lots of foam/bubble wrap.

What information should I include with my device?

This is very important, you should include your Name, Address, e-mail address, contact telephone number and a description of the problem and how it happened.

Should I send the PCB / Board only or the whole device?

We get asked this question a lot and its an easy one to answer for us, put simply you should always send your entire device if possible. We want to make sure your device works fully with all the parts it is going to be used with before leaving the workshop.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 90 day warranty on all repairs except water damage, the reason for this is that water damage can reoccur or get worse at any time, We will offer to attempt a second fix on a water damaged device at no extra cost but you would not get a refund if this repair is unsuccessful.
For all other repairs you should ensure you have sent in a fully functional chassis and we will warranty the repair for 90 days once it has left our workshop.
You are responsible for the return postage to us for the warranty repair, We will then pay for it to be returned to you.

What if I get it back and there is a different fault to the one you fixed?

Sometimes we get devices returned back to customers and there appears to be a whole new fault, this is possible with micro soldering repairs due to their complexity.
We will investigate any additional problems but there may be extra charges for additional problems that were not part of the original repair.

What postal service should I use?

You should use Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed with £750 insurance, some people also use the cheaper Royal Mail Signed For, this is not a guaranteed postal service and comes with no compensation for loss or damage.
If you want your device to be insured you should always use Special Delivery.
If you are sending internationally you should use a Tracked, Signed and insured postal service.

What if my device gets lost in the post?

If your device is lost in the post before it gets to us, we can not help you in any way but to simply confirm it has not arrived.
We will also sign a legal declaration confirming it has not arrived with the courier / postal service upon request.
If the device does not arrive with us then it is not our responsibility to chase it with the postal service, you must do this yourself because you are the sending party.
If your device goes missing on the return journey then it is our responsibility to find it for you, We will contact the postal service and find out where the device is and arrange for compensation and legal declarations to be signed confirming that it has been lost.
We will not chase up a device until it has been lost for over 2 weeks from its agreed latest due date and if the package has been signed for then the postal service will usually not offer any kind of compensation.
If you have opted for the economy postage service then the most we can be liable for is £100 per parcel regardless of the value of the contents, please ensure you choose the correct return postage service to cover the value of your devices.
If you have opted for the Royal Mail Special Delivery service then the most we can be liable for is £600 per package regardless of the value of the contents.
You can opt for additional insurance but would have to confirm pricing on this before shipment.