Apple iPhone iPad Unknown Problem Diagnosis & Repair

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Not sure what's wrong with your tech? We have the solution for you, we will attempt to get to the bottom of it and then get back to you with a repair cost and the options you have quickly.

So, what's next? We put a lot of time into diagnosing something like a boot loop, a strange display situation, a random restart, random intermittent problems and many other things, for this we have to charge something, this something is just £25, this covers, time, labour, parts and consumables, EVEN IF WE CAN NOT REPAIR your device. It is very important that you know this, even if we are unable to repair your device there will still be a minimum £25 fee for the time and resources spent diagnosing the fault and writing a report.

If we are able to repair the device we will send you a quote over or call you letting you know how much the repair will be, the £25 you have been charged for this service will be deducted from the total repair price that you pay on completion.

If the repair fails and no repair is possible then you will just be charged the £25 fee for parts, diagnosis, reports, phone calls to discuss the repair attempt and return postage on your device.

I do hope all of this makes sense because I like to be as up front and honest about our repair practises as possible.