Apple iPhone Data Recovery Service


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About This Product

Has your phone suddenly failed and wont boot up or you are unable to access the data and haven't got an iCloud backup? If this is the case then our specialist Data Recovery service is what you need.

All of our normal repair services are just designed to get your phone up and running again, sometimes to do this we have to factory reset your device, if you need your data then this wouldn't be an ideal scenario, this is why we have a specialist data recovery service.

As part of this service we place data retention at the heart of your repair, we double check all readings, we use only genuine original apple parts for the testing and we use the latest techniques and repair equipment to ensure your board is in the best of hands, these repairs are only handled by senior technicians and are even disassembled and reassembled by senior technicians, this is the reason for the high price, it can take many days work to attempt a data recovery job.

Data recovery is also NOT designed to get your device back up and running again, it is designed to get it booted just long enough for us to get a full data backup to our storage server, for this reason your phone will often still not be usable after data recovery and your data will need to be restored to another device.

There is always a minimum fee of £50 for data recovery regardless of whether the device can be repaired, recovered or not.

Stacked boards are also more expensive for data recovery as they contain much more intricate parts, just check the price list for rough pricing, although most of the time you will be called once the repair starts with a more precise data recovery cost that suits the scenario you are experiencing.

Please be aware that data recovery time is often 3-4 weeks from arrival.